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Last of Her Name

Sixteen years ago, rebellion swept the galaxy known as the Belt of Jewels. Every member of the royal family was murdered--down to their youngest child, Princess Anya--and the Union government rose in its place. But Stacia doesn't think much about politics. She spends her days half-wild, rambling her father's vineyard with her closest friends, Clio and Pol.That all changes the day a Union ship appears in town, carrying the leader of the Belt himself, the Direktor Eminent. The Direktor claims that Princess Anya is alive, and that Stacia's sleepy village is a den of empire loyalists, intent on hiding her. When Stacia is identified as the lost princess, her provincial home explodes into a nightmare.Pol smuggles her away to a hidden escape ship in the chaos, leaving Clio in the hands of the Union. With everything she knows threading away into stars, Stacia sets her heart on a single mission. She will find and rescue Clio, even with the whole galaxy on her trail....

Title : Last of Her Name
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ISBN : 9781338243390
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 484 pages
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Last of Her Name Reviews

  • Misty

    I had no idea what to expect going into this, really, but I enjoyed it!

    Review to come

  • Jessica Khoury

    Whew! I can't believe this crazy galactic roller-coaster of a book is finally FINISHED!

    If I had to describe the process of writing this book in one word it would be: "FUN." I really had such fun with this one, letting my imagination run wild through the stars. It certainly challenged me in ways no project has before, and pushed me to try some big risks that I hope will thrill and surprise you as you read. There is a LOT in store for you in these pages, so strap in, fire up your warp drive, and b

  • Teresa Mary Rose

    More Reviews Here: Readers Live A Thousand Lives

    This book was so so good and was the perfect Teresa read. I am such a big fan of Anastasia and then throw in a sci fi twist and it makes for a great read. The book has a real addictive quality to it and the action keeps the reader turning pages. I never wanted to put this book down and I just had to keep reading.

    Stacia “I always push the red button” Androva is great and I loved her. She is fierce and spunky and devoted to those she loves. She neve

  • Anja H.


    Sign me the fuck up.

  • Namera [The Literary Invertebrate]

    ARC received in exchange for an honest review - thank you!

    Having LOVED Khoury’s last YA offering, The Forbidden Wish, I was super excited to get my hands on this ARC. Last of Her Name is an amazing book – I’m stingy with my five stars, so it’s not quite that, but it certainly comes close.

    Sixteen-year-old Stacia Androva has grown up on a minor, out-of-the-way planet with her best friends Pol and Clio. Her life to date has been utterly normal. She loves hanging out with her friends, exploring th

  • Vicky Who Reads

    wow ok

    1. DAT COVER

    2. I heard star system, royalty, and rebellion (also, a fantastic twist, I am told) and I am just sold. 2019 just got a whole lot cooler.

  • Carina Olsen

    I have been a fan of Jessica for years. I adore her and her books have been amazing to me. I knew I must read Last of Her Name as soon as I possibly could. I have waited so long for it, and I am so thrilled that I can say the wait was worth it. Because this book was all kinds of amazing. Loved it so. It was pretty much perfect.

    Giving it four stars, though, because of some small issues that I had. Will be sharing all about it, but it was not anything big. And for the most part I loved this book.

  •  Amelia

    "Worlds may burn and stars may fall, but I will never give up on her. No matter how far away she is, or how impossible to reach, as long as she is waiting at the end of it, my path is clear."

    Guys, the friendship. It's beautiful.

    This is the type of book I want to read. Why don't we have more of these? And when I say these, I am referring to 2 things: 1) it's about FRIENDSHIP, and that's way more important than romance IMO 2) it's a STANDALONE FANTASY/SCI-FI - it has action, plot twists, characte