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The Book of Delights

Ross Gays The Book of Delights is a genre-defying book of essayssome as short as a paragraph; some as long as five pagesthat record the small joys that occurred in one year, from birthday to birthday, and that we often overlook in our busy lives. His is a meditation on delight that takes a clear-eyed view of the complexities, even the terrors, in his life, including living in America as a black man; the ecological and psychic violence of our consumer culture; the loss of those he loves. Among Gays funny, poetic, philosophical delights: the way Botan Rice Candy wrappers melt in your mouth, the volunteer crossing guard with a pronounced tremor whom he imagines as a kind of boat-woman escorting pedestrians across the River Styx, a friends unabashed use of air quotes, pickup basketball games, the silent nod of acknowledgment between black people. And more than any other subject, Gay celebrates the beauty of the natural worldhis garden, the flowers in the sidewalk, the birds, the bees, the ...

Title : The Book of Delights
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The Book of Delights Reviews

  • Jaime

    This was, for lack of a better word, delightful. Or “delight-full,” quite literally. Gay’s warm prose is compulsively readable, and his eye for detail brings you deep into the little things. Sentences would bring me up short with their simple, obvious brilliance. Or observations would make me smile as I turned the page, nodding my head yes. At a time when we could all use some beauty, this was perfect.

  • Tracy

    I did not want this book to end!! I was literally losing "my shit with glee." I look around differently, which is one of the best things a book can do.

    "It might be that the logics of delight interrupt the logics of capitalism." (183)

    Although there is no mention of self-care, The Book of Delights does what self-care can do at it's best, when it is unmoored by capitalist motivations: acknowledges our own humanity and allows joy, even when considering complex, dark corners.

    As writers and artists be

  • Sarah

    This is such a delightful book. It's politically engaged, and yet it refuses to be cynical. It's funny, sexy, unabashedly joyful and it inspired me to start my own catalogue of delights. And perhaps just as importantly, Ross Gay has found more ways to talk about the physical feeling of joy than I though possible (some of my favorite: "All the herons in my chest whacking unrepentantly into the sky" and "My heart cooing like a pigeon nestled on a windowsill where the spikes rusted off.")

  • Allison

    Absolutely delightful. Review to come

  • Kelsey Danielle

    Moments. Observations. Delights.

    This book is a soft reminder to pay attention, to listen, to love the little things that make you happy. I loved going through this book and having it transform the way I see things around me. I started picking up on little bits of joy. At the end of the day, I started dedicating a moment, an observation, a good thing that happened that day as my daily delight. And I think that's the true triumph of this book.

    It also feels like it was written not for the reader a

  • Elizabeth Langa

    I wish that I'd approached this work in a similar manner to the way it was written, day by day. Each "delight" from Gay was a succinct, sincere glimpse into his life and experiences. Some were humorous and light-hearted, others thought provoking or devastating. Gay's challenge to isolate and reflect upon a small moment each day is commendable and one I'd like to imitate in my own way.

  • Andrea Worden

    "The Book of Delights" is a joy. I received it as a gift, and intend to share the love in return, whenever an occasion presents itself, for as Gay suggests in a different context, "our delight grows as we share it," particularly with "fellow compatriots of glee." An antidote to these troubling times, Gay's observations and insights, no matter how commonplace their subject may be, delight, and at times, stun. He draws connections between unsuspecting things and ideas, and then goes deeper, with f ...more

  • Beck

    Having really liked Ross Gay's Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude, I was very excited to read The Book of Delights. I absolutely loved it. Gay recorded daily delights for a year, and then collected them in this book of what he calls essayettes. (I would argue some could also be considered prose poems.) Gay has an incredible ability to see the absolute good in humanity, and he also stops and appreciates nature in all of its forms. I expected a lot of nature pieces due to his poetry, but what I didn't ...more