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Miracle Creek

A literary courtroom drama about a Korean immigrant family and a young, single mother accused of murdering her eight-year-old autistic sonMy husband asked me to lie. Not a big lie. He probably didnt even consider it a lie, and neither did I, at first . . .In the small town of Miracle Creek, Virginia, Young and Pak Yoo run an experimental medical treatment device known as the Miracle Submarinea pressurized oxygen chamber that patients enter for therapeutic dives with the hopes of curing issues like autism or infertility. But when the Miracle Submarine mysteriously explodes, killing two people, a dramatic murder trial upends the Yoos small community.Who or what caused the explosion? Was it the mother of one of the patients, who claimed to be sick that day but was smoking down by the creek? Or was it Young and Pak themselves, hoping to cash in on a big insurance payment and send their daughter to college? The ensuing trial uncovers unimaginable secrets from that nighttrysts in the woods, ...

Title : Miracle Creek
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ISBN : 9780374156022
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 357 pages
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Miracle Creek Reviews

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    by Liberty Hardy

    Clear your calendars, put your phones on airplane mode, and get ready to hear the sounds of your heartstrings being plucked! This stunning debut is a family drama, courtroom thriller, and a mystery, all of which add up to one of the most incredible novels of 2019.

    The road to hell is paved with questionable inventions … The Miracle Submarine is an experimental medical treatment device, essentially a pressurized oxygen chamber, run by Korean immigrants Young and Pak Yo

  • Chelsea Humphrey

    "But that was the way life worked. Every human being was the result of a million different factors mixing together... Good things and bad-every friendship and romance formed, every accident, every illness-resulted from the conspiracy of hundreds of little things, in and of themselves inconsequential."

    Oh boy. Where do I begin? It's quite possible that this book means so much to me because it's my unicorn-the perfect fit for this reader-and that may make my review a bit biased, so please keep that

  • Fran

    It took five years for Pak Yoo to save enough money for a family visa. He finally could emigrate from Korea to the United States following wife, Young and daughter, Mary who were living with a very demanding host family. Moving to Miracle Creek, Virginia, Pak now owned and operated The Miracle Submarine, a 100% pressurized oxygen chamber designed to heal damaged cells through deep penetration of oxygen during sixty minute "dives". As a controversial, experimental treatment, protesters felt that ...more

  • Diane S ☔

    How far are you willing to go for your child? That is the heart of the question of this terrific debut novel. It opens with s court case where a mother of a child on the spectrum stands accused of setting a fire that caused a fatal explosion. Her son one of those that died, but another mother was also killed. A hyperbaric chamber, called the submarine, offering parents the hope that the pure oxygen atmosphere will help their mentally challenged children. Also, involved is a man whose wife has co ...more

  • Kim ~ Traveling Sister

    Wow! I loved this book! I had already given this a big 5 stars in my mind before sitting down to write this review, then I stumbled across an article written by the author that made me love this book even more. It actually took the book to the next level for me. Once I read that the author had based much of this material on personal experience, my heart hurt. My heart hurt for every parent that has to go through this. I will include the article at the end of my review if you are interested.

    If y

  • شيماء ✨

    Full review now posted HERE on my blog!

    My taste in books ranges from “everyone needs to read this! 5 stars!” to “if the technology from Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind existed, I would use it to wipe every trace of this book from my consciousness...anyway, 5 stars!”

    It's safe to assume that my feelings for this book are a pendulum swinging between the two.

  • j e w e l s


    Angie Kim has done the impossible. In one book, she offers something for EVERYONE. If you love to read literary fiction, mystery, women's issues, immigrant stories, or courtroom dramas--please, do yourself a favor and read MIRACLE CREEK. I will be thinking about this one for a long time.

    There are so many themes in this sparkling novel, I don't know where to begin. If you've read Big Little Lies or Everything I Never Told You---then you know what I'm talking about!

  • Nilufer Ozmekik

    5 billion heart wrenching, epic, poignant stars!

    How far you go to protect your children’s lives?Can you dedicate your whole life for their well being? Is it fair to push them so hard for their treatment?

    There are so many questions make you rethink your principles of your life as you read this book.

    Elizabeth is accused to kill her own child. Young witnesses her own child slowly vanishes from her arms and turns into a stranger. Teresa does everything for well being of her child but she’s at the