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I Miss You When I Blink: Essays

I've spent my adult life prowling bookshelves for the modern-day reincarnation of my favorite authorsNora Ephron, Erma Bombeck, Jean Kerr, and Laurie Colwinall rolled into one...Good news: I have finally found their successor. Elisabeth Egan, The Washington PostAcclaimed essayist and bookseller Mary Laura Philpott presents a charmingly relatable and wise memoir-in-essays about what happened after she checked off all the boxes on her successful lifes to-do list and realized she might need to reinvent the listand herself. Mary Laura Philpott thought shed cracked the code: Always be right, and youll always be happy. But once shed completed her lifes to-do list (job, spouse, house, babiescheck!), she found that instead of feeling content and successful, she felt anxious. Lost. Stuck in a daily grind of overflowing calendars, grueling small talk, and sprawling traffic. Shed done everything right, but she felt all wrong. Whats the worse failure, she wondered: smiling and staying the course, ...

Title : I Miss You When I Blink: Essays
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ISBN : 9781982102807
Format Type : Hardcover
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I Miss You When I Blink: Essays Reviews

  • Megan C.

    4.5. I'm not a huge nonfiction reader, but this collection of essays hit me in the feelings and the funny bone. Mary Laura is so real and relatable - she mad me feel SEEN. Highly recommended!

  • Jessica Jeffers

    Believe the hype on this one; it's flippin' brilliant. More to come.

  • Deb Coco

    I grabbed this book after 3 friends AND one of my daughters told me I had to read it ASAP. And I'm happy to report that clearly, they all know me well because I loved it. Essays aren't usually my cup of tea, but I connected with the authors story on SO many levels it was crazy. Type A? Check. Post-It note abuser? Check. Obsessed with the safety of my children? Check. Love animals so much it hurts? Check. And on and on and on. Mary Laura Philpott articulated so well what it feels like to be a wom ...more

  • Jennifer

    delightful! though, i will admit to MLP-bias, having followed her for years on twitter. she's clever, astute, funny, and quirktastic. not to mention super, professionally, bookish (in a way that, maybe, turns me an unflattering shade of green with envy). in other words, she's my people (the quirktastic part). and i have never, ever felt more seen than while reading her essay about a childhood school assignment that had to include the word 'lobsterman'. MLP brings perspective, warmth, and humour ...more

  • Janet

    This book kept me company during two bouts of insomnia, and I'm forever grateful to Mary Laura for that. I messaged the author on Instagram to say this: "I was up from 2:30 until 6 finishing your book. I love it so. I am encouraged to polish many essays/stories I've written myself but never shared with the world. Thank you! I am dying to take you to coffee to list all the ways you are my secret twin and how a few of your essays were paralleling my life in real time."

    I adore Mary Laura, and I un

  • Brittany | thebookishfiiasco

    (@atriabooks #partner)


    this was one of the most pleasant, funny, real, honest, and friendly reads i’ve ever read. every time i had this book with me and read a few of the stories, i felt like i was with a friend. that’s some pretty stellar writing, if you ask me. each story encapsulated a bit of wisdom, a bit of humor, and a lot of realness, which is pretty much all i’m ever looking for.

    i think it’s that authenticity that made this book the great experience that it was for me. i felt like i wal

  • JanB

    I knew the author and I were simpatico when, in her first essay, she tells the story of having no sense of direction and she loses her car in a parking garage. This is my life and I’m totally stealing her tip to start taking pictures as a bread crumb trail.

    And then there’s her to-do list. I thought I was the only crazy person who had a post-it note addiction. Like the author, If it’s not on my list and I complete a task I will write it down just to have the satisfaction of crossing it off. Hello

  • Janelle • She Reads with Cats

    Thank you so much Atria Books for my free copy!

    I MISS YOU WHEN I BLINK is a personal, witty, and heartfelt collection of essays where every sentence is pure gold. Philpott writes beautifully and with such authenticity I felt like I was getting to know a friend. Like everyone, there are milestones in my life that I want to go back and revisit but the moments are gone and memories are all that is left.

    “You can stand by your past decisions even if they took you to a present where you don’t belong