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Rock Needs River: A Memoir About a Very Open Adoption

From a story first told in the popular New York Times parenting blog comes a funny, touching memoir about a mother who welcomes more than a new daughter into her home.After two years of waiting to adoptslogging through paperwork and bouncing between hope and despaira miracle finally happened for Vanessa McGrady. Her sweet baby, Grace, was a dream come true. Then Vanessa made a highly uncommon gesture: when Graces biological parents became homeless, Vanessa invited them to stay.Without a blueprint for navigating the practical basics of an open adoption or any discussion of expectations or boundaries, the unusual living arrangement became a bottomless well of conflicting emotions and increasingly difficult decisions complicated by missed opportunities, regret, social chaos, and broken hearts.Written with wit, candor, and compassion, Rock Needs River is, ultimately, Vanessas love letter to her daughter, one that illuminates the universal need for connection and the heroines journey to fin...

Title : Rock Needs River: A Memoir About a Very Open Adoption
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ISBN : 9781503903692
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 204 pages
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Rock Needs River: A Memoir About a Very Open Adoption Reviews

  • Char

    This was one of my Amazon First Reads picks for the month of January.

    "From a story first told on the popular New York Times parenting blog comes a funny, touching memoir about a mother who welcomes more than a new daughter into her home"

    Oh, how misleading this little blurb is! Why? Because there isn't much funny or touching about this book. To be honest, it isn't even really a book about an open adoption since the author barely touches on the actual process and doesn't seem to have any understan

  • Natalie Joy

    I'm disappointed that this was my first completed read of the year! I am glad that it was a free read via Amazon's Kindle First program because I cannot imagine wanting to spend money on this fluff piece.

    The book blurb suggests a "funny" and "witty" story of a mother's 2 year wait to adopt and then the surprise twist of taking her baby's birth parents into her home when they end up homeless. It takes FIVE CHAPTERS to actually get to the "adoption" part of the story--those five chapters are an a

  • Stephen

    “Rock Needs River” is more than a story about an “open adoption,” whereby the parents putting a child up for adoption remain part of that child’s life.

    Author Vanessa McGrady’s personal journey toward adoptive motherhood details the process by which she was able to locate a couple desiring to give up their daughter so as to focus on their dreams as musicians. You will read about groups she joined as part of that process, mistakes she made which turned her ears red, the anxious, hopeful waiting a

  • Meredith Reads

    This book was a disappointment. I thought the book would be...well...different. The book felt like the author was trying to convince the world she was a good person (she donated $50 to the food pantry after all) and there were many discrepancies in her story. First she says her parents taught her the value of holding onto people then she says they taught her the value of not needing others and being independent. She claims to be barely able to make the rent yet has a high profile job, wears Mich ...more

  • Julie Christine

    This is the story of a woman growing into her heart. With cozy candor that invites the reader to pour a tall glass of malbec, kick off her shoes and curl into the sofa, Vanessa McGrady shares her journey of choice and circumstance to becoming a mother.

    One summer day, I was lolling around in the bath, and, inexplicably, with no apparent trigger, I wanted a baby. I was nearing thirty. I felt an allover tug in my body, a missing of someone I didn't know. Every single cell in me ached. The tears sta

  • Kristen

    3.5 Stars

    I didn’t seek out this book. I got it free from Amazon and read it because one of my goals is to read more non-fiction. I didn’t love the writing in the book and felt like the writer couldn’t decide between being conversational and formal. But I did like the story and enjoyed hearing ( took a while!!) how she came to adopt her daughter. I’m not sure I’m a strong enough person to handle the open adoption the way she did and certainly admire her strength and unconditional love

  • Goth Gone Grey

    More about the author than the adoption - very self-absorbed

    I wish more of the book had the upbeat, optimistic style of this example:

    "My parents taught me how to create a tribe. Some of my blood-related family is in my tribe, to be sure, but most of its members I’ve picked up along the way, starting when I was four with my best friend, Lisa, who lived downstairs and who is closer to me today than any blood sister could be. My tribe is hilarious and loyal and helpful and made up of fragile soul

  • Amira  Richardson


    I was adopted as a 4 month old baby in a closed adoption but through God's infinite Grace a LOVELY woman reunited my family with me and I was able to spend 25 years of lost time with my birth mom before she passed away in 2018. Open adoptions allow those who are adopted to be completely whole...not that we love our God given families any less...but for many of us there are missing pieces. Thank you Vanessa McGrath for this amazing story of inclusion for all involved!