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Sissy: A Coming-Of-Gender Story

A heart-wrenching, eye-opening, and giggle-inducing memoir about what it's like to grow up not sure if you're (a) a boy, (b) a girl, (c) something in between, or (d) all of the above. "When the political reality facing this country seems dark, we need shinier, sparklier thinkers in the public eye. With a signature style matched only by their wit, Jacob fits that bill perfectly." --Alan CummingFrom the moment a doctor in Raleigh, North Carolina, put "male" on Jacob Tobia's birth certificate, everything went wrong. Alongside "male" came many other, far less neutral words: words that carried expectations about who Jacob was and who Jacob should be, words like "masculine" and "aggressive" and "cargo shorts" and "SPORTS!"Naturally sensitive, playful, creative, and glitter-obsessed, as a child Jacob was given the label "sissy." In the two decades that followed, "sissy" joined forces with "gay," "trans," "nonbinary," and "too-queer-to-function" to become a source of pride and, today, a rallyi...

Title : Sissy: A Coming-Of-Gender Story
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ISBN : 9780735218826
Format Type : Hardcover
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Sissy: A Coming-Of-Gender Story Reviews

  • Sarah

    This book was needed! Tobia gives a different (for me) perspective on gender nonconforming. This memoir takes place over a (young) lifetime, and I found the section/times at Duke to be most interesting since it is different from most trans stories I hear. This shows love and support from a more/relatively privelaged place (though no gender queer person is coming from a true privelaged place) and how one person used access to education, financial stability, and family acceptance to make change in ...more

  • Robyn Hammontree

    Jacob’s memoir is fantastic—equal parts hilarious and moving. A must read.

  • Parker Jensen

    I ADORED THIS!!!! I cannot wait for this to be released so I can thrust it into the hands of everyone I know

  • Jody

    It was fun and it had a lot of great things to say, but I felt as if the snark ruined a few moments that had the heft of history behind them -- i.e. a few moments seemed to speak to the more personal image of Tobia and not necessarily to the trans community at large. was a powerful story with -- for this LGBT Raleighite -- a number of personal connections.

  • Hannah

    Just not my cup of tea

    I requested that my library purchase this memoir and I so hope that others find it helpful and enlightening. For me, I realized about 40% of the way into the book that I just don’t *like* Jacob: I found them unrelateable and overly self-centered. I had hoped to find some wisdom to move forward in better understanding my gender-fluid or gender-nonconforming friends and compatriots, but I just didn’t.

    Here’s hoping you love it.

  • Fabian

    I don't know exactly how I stumbled upon Jacob Tobia's memoir, but the first time I saw this cover & read a short synopsis I was hooked. Immediatley. And to be honest I've never heard of them before, I've never seen any of their other works & I didn't even know who they were. But I am so glad that I do now. "Sissy" is such an amazing book, it's heart-warming, gut-wrenching, it will make you cry so hard on one page & laugh out loud just few sentences later bc above all, it's incredibl ...more

  • Sarah (CoolCurryBooks)

    TW: suicidal thoughts

    Sissy is a hilarious, heartfelt memoir that I read in less than forty-eight hours. Jacob Tobia tells the story of their childhood up through their college graduation — and the twists and turns of self-discovery along the way. At the beginning of the memoir, Jacob provides a Mad Libs version of the standard trans narrative, designed to be understandable to cis audiences, support the gender binary, and focus on trauma. Sissy is explicitly not that story, and Jacob tackles thei

  • Bryan

    Glitter Kisses!

    I was able to acquire a signed copy of this book from Unabridged Books in Chicago and that’s what the author wrote on the inside 😍

    Speaking of Chicago... I did a bulk of my time reading this book in public at Schuba’s back to back days prior to a show and two different Dark Matter locations. Reading and just holding this book prompted questions from others who were curious about the book’s subject material. This led to some engaging and comforting conversations with some fellow que