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Nothing to Hide

New York Times bestseller Allison Brennan's latest novel featuring FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid finds her on the trail of a serial killer.With a background in psychology, FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid is good at getting into the heads of killers and victims both. Still, her latest case is leaving her stumped. A third body has turned up in San Antonioand it bears the same unique and troubling M.O. as the first two. The killer is clearly trying to send a message. But what is itand to whom? All roads keep leading Lucy down a dead end. . .The victims are all married men who led honest lives alongside their adoring wives, but have nothing else in common. When Lucy catches each widow in a lie, she realizes that things are not at all as they seem. What begins as a seemingly straightforward investigation turns into something far darker and more sinister than Lucy could have ever imagined. Can she solve this case before more lives are lost. . . including her own husband?...

Title : Nothing to Hide
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ISBN : 9781250297655
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 403 pages
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Nothing to Hide Reviews

  • Poongothai

    It is #15 in the series. FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid is called into a case of a potential serial killer by the local San Antonio police. It was a slow book with lots of procedural explanations. There is also a sub plot of Lucy's step son and a gang.

  • Danielle Urban

    Nothing to Hide by Allison Brennan is mysterious thriller. One that led to four murders. But with each killing there is never any solid evidence that led the police officer nor his FBI partner to finding the killer. There's only circumstantial evidence that kept on building up. Plus, there's a witness. But even that might be let out of the courtroom due to the age of the witness. So much was riding on the evidence...they still have yet to find. Time isn't on their hands. A killer is just about t ...more

  • Tim Mcgurrin

    Why did I give this book 1 star? Because I couldn't give it zero. Lots of spoilers coming...

    For starters, the teaser on the back cover suggests this book is about a crazed gunman who takes hostages at a coffee shop. That's about 10% of the book. The rest is some boring as shit family drama involving a 13 year old kid's wish to spend his summer with his real dad. His mom married some grade A criminal who wound up turning on a drug cartel and then getting them all witness protection that they only

  • Tarrah Marie

    This is book fifteen in the Lucy Kincaid series and can be read as a stand-alone. The beginning of the book was easy to capture attention and moved at nice, quick pace. However, somewhere in those first few chapters the pace began to slow and the reader becomes inundated with the minutia of police work. Every conversation is laid out. Every piece of evidence described, in full detail. Everything revisited just as it would be in a real investigation. As a reader, it was hard to stay invested. In ...more

  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps

    ***Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of NOTHING TO HIDE by Allison Brennan in exchange for my honest review.***

    Lucy Kincaid is hot on the trail of a suspected serial killer, who’s murdering seemingly loving husbands and worries her husband will be next.

    My favorite procedural series are those, like NOTHING TO HIDE, which the can be read as standalones. I hadn’t read the previous fourteen Lucy Kincaid stories and now have the opportunity to go back to book one and learn how

  • Sharon Grow

    Lucy Kincaid never disappoints and neither does Allison Brennan with a wonderful new addition to the FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid series. Lucy and Sheriff Deputy Investigator Jerry Walker are investigating two bodies that have been killed in the same unusual manner. Then a third body is killed the same way. The men all led normal lives, married, children with no obvious motive for their murders. Jerry is not happy that Lucy has been assigned to work with him, not because she is female, but because she ...more

  • Patti Lucas

    I have loved every Lucy Kincaid book. They get better and better. Nothing to Hide by Allison Brennan is the 15 Lucy Kincaid book. Three married men are brutally murdered late at night near their cars. The local sheriff's office asks the FBI for assistance with the case and Lucy get assigned. Jerry Walker is her partner and he does not have a lot of love for the FBI, which makes this difficult for Lucy. There is not evidence left behind at the crime scenes. Lucy reviews the evidence and still has ...more

  • Monica

    This book is like watching Criminal Minds but with more information. You don't have to read the previous books to enjoy this one, though those are good books too. Lucy has such a sharp mind and that shows in her work of catching the bad guys. In this book she is working with an investigator who doesn't like the FBI because they screwed up a case many years ago. The case has random guys dying and not knowing what links they all together. We follow Lucy and Jerry as they hunt down this killer. Dur ...more