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Parkland: Birth of a Movement

The New York Times bestselling author of Columbine offers a deeply moving account of the extraordinary teenage survivors of the Parkland shooting who pushed back against the NRA and Congressional leaders and launched the singular grassroots March for Our Lives movement.Emma Gonzalez called BS. David Hogg called out Adult America. The uprising had begun. Cameron Kasky immediately recruited a colorful band of theatre kids and rising activists and brought them together in his living room to map out a movement. Four days after escaping Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, two dozen extraordinary kids announced the audacious March for Our Lives. A month later, it was the fourth largest protest in American history.Dave Cullen, who has been reporting on the epidemic of school shootings for two decades, takes us along on the students nine-month odyssey to the midterms and beyond. With unrivaled access to their friends and families, meetings and homes, he pulls back the curtain to reveal intim...

Title : Parkland: Birth of a Movement
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Parkland: Birth of a Movement Reviews

  • Monika

    Obviously PARKLAND has its tough reading moments. But the focus is much less on the actual shooting itself, and more on the surviving kids finding hope and resilience, working through their grief, and most of all, organizing to effect change.

    Readers are with these kids as they experience how dirty (and partisan) politics is and how frustrating media spin can be. But we're also with them as they connect with, learn from, and try to help boost the voices of groups like the Peace Warriors and BRAVE

  • Katie Boyer

    Not sure how to begin reviewing this. So emotional and powerful and inspiring and upsetting all at once, especially reading it during the one year anniversary.


  • Suziey

    So it's taken me a while to gather my thoughts in regards to this book. From the first few pages, this book had me sobbing. I couldn't figure out why. Why was this book affecting me so much? And then one day it clicked. After Sandy Hook I was disillusioned. Because if dead babies don't thaw your cold, greedy, gun-loving heart, then nothing will. And yet here are these teens, refusing to be further victimized and changing the narrative. These kids are doing what the generations before them should ...more


    Believe it or not, author Dave Cullen did not set out to be the nation's leading "talking head" about school massacres. But he did such a brilliant job with his COLUMBINE regarding the mass murder in a Colorado high school that he was prevailed upon to write this PARKLAND when a similarly horrific, but somewhat different turn of events, killed so many teens in a middle-class Florida high school.

    The good news is -- Cullen is up to his usual standards. I agree completely with my fellow GR reviewer

  • Catherine

    There are strains of sadness woven into this story, but this is not an account of grief These kids chose a story of hope.
    Jackie felt like she was passing the torch, but really activist flame. "March for Our Lives does not belong to us anymore," Jackie said. It belongs to every kid in America who is ready to heed the call.

    First off some disclosure about me, because in this self definitely will colour the reading of the book. I'm an Australian millennial with crap all memory (long or short ter


  • Amanda McGill

    For full review - The Limit of Books Does Not Exist

    Over a year ago, I remember going on Twitter and seeing tweets about the CNN Townhall. Curious I tuned in and the townhall was about gun control and had students from Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. A month after their school shooting, they were up on stage and speaking to the NRA, Florida’s U.S. Senator, Marco Rubio. The students were clear and concise with their arguments and were aski

  • Becca

    Dave Cullen is hands down my favorite author. The way he brings the events to the page and allows you to feel as though you were with him and the kids along every step of the way is truly masterful. Dave brought the stories of the Parkland kids and many others to light and I could not be in more awe of his ability to capture the events on paper.

  • Emily May

    There are strains of sadness woven into this story, but this is not an account of grief. These kids chose a story of hope.

    This is such a beautiful piece of journalism. I love how Cullen puts so much of himself into his work and treats the subjects he tackles, as well as the people he meets and talks with along the way, with such sensitivity and empathy.

    Some people obviously rated this book one star without reading it because they think it is about taking away their guns. Actually, it's not rea ...more