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Our Terms

Happy Play Bus Fun
Your booking can only be confirmed once a £50 deposit (non refundable) has been received by the HappyPlayBus.

The final balance can be paid on the day of hire or in advance via the website.

In the event the booking cannot proceed due to inclement weather conditions or mechanical breakdown you will be offered a full refund or alternative date.

Vehicle Access

We will require five parking spaces for the bus and would appreciate your vigilance with this so as to avoid obstructing other traffic; it is the hirer’s responsibility to provide adequate and safe parking for the entire booking.

Consideration must be given to low bridges less than 13 foot 9 inches (4.4 m), same for overhanging trees, parked cars or any obstruction preventing access for the bus. Weight limits and width of road must also be considered.

The hirer will be responsible for any parking charges that may be due, and for obtaining any permission necessary to park the vehicle at the hirer’s chosen location, and for any fines arising from the failure of the hirer to pay such charges or obtain such permission.

Health & Safety

The care, supervision and safety of the party are at all times the responsibility of the hirer.

There must be two responsible adults from the party in charge of the children on the bus at all times. The HappyPlayBus staff are there solely to operate and/or manage the vehicle and oversee the running of the party.

The maximum number of children on the vehicle is 18 at any given time and that the age of each child is between three and eight years inclusive.

Children must remove all footwear and wear socks at all times. Footwear storage is available on the HappyPlayBus.

Injured or unwell children will not be able to play.

As there are no toilets on the bus alternative arrangements for children’s needs should be made by accompanying adults.

No one should approach the vehicle until it has completed manoeuvres, the engine has stopped and the main door is opened, and we ask that no members of the Group enter the vehicle until requested to do so by the HappyPlayBus staff.

It is advisable children have their legs covered to minimise the risk of friction burns on equipment and especially the slide.

No one may eat, smoke, or drink on the vehicle, except for a private hire, when food and drink are allowed in the designated area, subject to agreement with us. Chewing gum is forbidden at all times.

We do not accept responsibility for children with allergies – please ensure that these children are correctly cared and catered for.

Children must be prevented from rough play i.e. pushing, punching, grabbing etc especially near stairways.

All necklaces chains and any other jewellery must be removed.

Please be aware if the driver feels at any time there is a danger to the children or the public, they may end the party.


The hirer must make themselves known to the driver on the day of booking.

The hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by any member of the hirer’s group.

The hirer will also be responsible for any damage caused to the interior or exterior of the vehicle as a result of any behaviour that puts safety of others at risk.

The HappyPlayBus does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, inconvenience, injury or death arising from any accident, breakdown or delay attributable to reasons beyond the control of the owner.

We will not be responsible for any valuables or other items belonging to members of the group.


A mileage surcharge of £1.50 per mile will be added if the HappyPlayBus travels outside of a 5 mile radius starting from BS4 5NL.

The HappyPlayBus will not be held liable it the bus is late due to road works, traffic chaos, breakdown, diversions, or any other unforeseeable circumstances. Every endeavour will be made that the bus arrives on time.